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Sizzling Summer in Oro Shel Adam

While many programs in Israel are in summer recess, Oro Shel Adam is full swing! This past week, we hosted our first BBQ of the season.  Our own students, Oro Shel Adam participants new and old, all came to enjoy burgers and hot-dogs on our patio.  We

Action Packed Summer at OSA

There are lots of exciting things going on in Oro Shel Adam as we open our spring/summer session!  Our summer session opened by hosting the English speakers program of Yeshivat Machon Meir. Yom Haatzmaut 5777, the Aish HaTorah Gesher Program come to Oro Shel Adam for a full

Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Adam for Shabbos!

Recently, the Adam Shabbos Experience hosted Lev HaTorah for a Shabbatone.  The group enjoyed an unforgettable Shabbos which featured Torah classes, lively and spirited shabbos meals, a tour of the community in Adam and much more.  In addition, the weather and the views looking into the Jordan

Shabbos Experience

The Oro Shel Adam Shabbos Experience has returned in full swing!  After giving birth to a baby girl and then making a month long bat-mitzvah celebration for our eldest daughter, Rebbetzin Batya Miller has returned to cook shabbos for ten.  We hosted a group of guys from

Priorities in Prayer

The first story of ויצא, Yaakov’s departure from E”Y, is teaching us fundamental principles about Tefilla.  Already from the second pasuk in the parsha the Torah states,  .”ויפגע במקום”” Yaakov encountered the place.”  Rashi expounds, that the word ויפגע connotes Tefilla.  What are we learning about the